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Sắp xếp theo Hiển thị
  • Sony MFS-2000

    Multi Format switcher
    Can start as SD and be upgraded to HD via software
    1 ME or 1.5 ME in 3 RU frame
    3 Control Panels to choose from
    4 Full featured Keyers: Luminance, Linear, Chroma, Pattern

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  • Sony DFS-800

    The powerful DFS-800 SD DME switcher provides a wide variety of functionality and exceptional system versatility. The extensive functionality and high-quality special effects provide a powerful, creative, cost-effective tool at live events and for small production studios and editing suites.

    554,000,000 VND
  • Sony MVS-7000X

    Multi- Format Production Switcher Processo

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  • Sony MVS-6000

    Product Highlights
    Multi-Format Operation
    Advanced Networking Capabilities
    Scalable Processor Configurations
    Supports 49 Inputs and 24 Outputs
    Compact Size
    Eight Monitor Outputs
    Customizable Control Panel
    Creative M/E Functions
    Color Corrections
    Versatile Effects

    589,000,000 VND
  • Sony DVS-9000

    Model: 0DVS-9000
    The DVS series of SD switchers has been designed to compliment the world leading MVS Series to provide a complete family of live production switchers. Sharing many of the MVS accessories, this "one family" approach offers content producers unseen levels of performance, flexibility and integration.

    169,000,000 VND
  • Sony DFS-900M

    Model:DFS-900M discontinued
    DFS-900M is a multi-format compact video switcher, designed for smaller live productions where there’s no requirement for a large production switcher. This unit is suited for use in many different applications including TV broadcast, corporate & event production, education and government sectors.

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  • Sony BRS-200

    Remote Control Camera Operating Switcher

    209,595,000 VND

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